Welcome to C-Art Studios.

This site is the home for my artistic expression, giving a home for art, and inspiration to be shared. C-Art Studios is a celebration of the art that is around us all the time.

Starting with Chrome photo designs and Visual MekaniX abstract realism art. As always, there is more to come. 

Check out the Galleries to explore the current available photography.


Chrome photography is stylized to emphasize the essences of the photograph. Chrome style takes a gritty rat rod and makes it extra gritty with attitude, or takes a vintage motorcycle and emphasizes the historic patina of the machine. Vehicles have attitude expressed in these photos.

Visual MekaniX photography is abstract realism via multiple exposure photography. These artworks trigger the part of the brain that likes figuring out puzzles. These are real objects distorted by overlapping that object on top of itself. This style goes beyond vehicular mechanisms to fancy chandeliers, clocks, and much more.

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