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I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. Yes, I use a camera and I output my work via photography mediums (prints on material offered by photography labs). My work is about the subject of the photo, not about the light. I know, I know, photographers everywhere would cringe and make the sign of the cross if […]

Let it snow. . .

Winter, with its snow, ice and wind chill is upon me. It hurts to move, it hurts not to move. I miss my bed already. Thankfully there is warm carpet until I get to the bathroom where cold linoleum waits, nevermind the icey toilet seat. That alerts my senses and wakes up my mind to […]

The FIRST Real Post

Let’s get this started by defining what this site is about. C-Art Studios is a celebration of the art all around us, all the time. As an artist, I am constantly inspired by what many consider to be ordinary objects. Objects that are conscientiously designed are a triumph of the human spirit. That spirit is […]