Let it snow. . .

Winter, with its snow, ice and wind chill is upon me. It hurts to move, it hurts not to move. I miss my bed already. Thankfully there is warm carpet until I get to the bathroom where cold linoleum waits, nevermind the icey toilet seat. That alerts my senses and wakes up my mind to start the day.

The warm shower regulates the cold, allowing my body to soak in some heat before emerging into the frigid atmosphere again. Drying off quickly to hasten the dressing process is key to keeping the cold at bay.

That blasted cold, snuck in like a thief. Went to bed comfy and warm, woke up shivering and clutching for the comforters. Then the alarm went off, time to get up, cold or not. Frak. Such is life.

The cold won’t stop me. Scraping ice off the windshield, running the defrost and heat in the car, all of this just to get to work, the grind. Not that the job is even close to hard, and I do actually like the work. The thing that kills me as I pull out of my parking space, is the ice cloaked cover draped over my motorcycle.