I wouldn’t call myself a photographer.

Yes, I use a camera and I output my work via photography mediums (prints on material offered by photography labs). My work is about the subject of the photo, not about the light. I know, I know, photographers everywhere would cringe and make the sign of the cross if they were to read this. For most of my art on this site, I’m not about trying to get the perfect exposure or the perfect lighting, or using any of the traditional photographer skills to make a quality photograph. I have lost many, many photos of great subjects because I forgot some setting or forgot to put autofocus on, or this or that. The work on this site is fun for me, I’m not going to ruin that fun by stressing out over perfect exposure numbers or how technically expert this or that photo are. I’m not trying to capture a recreation of what my eyes see, I’m establishing a base for a future piece of art.

I don’t get to control the lighting or environment of a lot of my photos, I take them as they come, as I can. I go to the car show, the bike rally, the dealership, the beach, an open house, the concert, etc., I don’t get to dictate when or where the cool Corvette parks. So if the subject parks so that the Sun is hitting it causing massive glare off some chrome or makes it just all in silhouette, I do my best to make that into a unique shot. Sometimes that works, and sometimes that doesn’t.

Real photographers are far and above my skill with a camera. I really do appreciate great photography, but that’s not exactly what my work is about. I used to try to understand all of the photography do’s and don’t’s and all of the technical jargon of photography, but it quickly got overwhelming and I’m just not that math oriented. I do find it somewhat disheartening when creative activities are refined into numbers and calculations. By the numbers, some of my favorite images on here are some of my worst photographs, cluttered with hot spots and out of focus areas, under or over exposed, yet still interesting to me.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. Most of my work here is just me trying to glorify some great shapes captured with my camera. For now those shapes are mostly in the various forms found in cars and motorcycles. So take them for what they are, cool designed pieces or abstract realism via machinery.

Someday soon, I hope to get out some old school material media (paint and ink and the such) and produce some physical artwork. I’ve got an idea for a series of works that I’d like to tackle, something away from code and text on a screen. And of course I’ll be sharing those here as well.