The FIRST Real Post

Let’s get this started by defining what this site is about.

C-Art Studios is a celebration of the art all around us, all the time. As an artist, I am constantly inspired by what many consider to be ordinary objects. Objects that are conscientiously designed are a triumph of the human spirit. That spirit is where art comes from, this site is about embracing and encouraging that spirit.

Since I am constantly inspired, I am constantly seeking to create a lot of work. But without an outlet for that work, it seems meaningless. This site is the outlet for my work, it’s the best way I can figure out how to share my photography, art and writings with as many people as possible. The more the merrier so share and share alike!

I have thousands of photographs of many, many various subjects. So the “shop” is working mainly as a gallery for me, and if you really like a photo in there then you have the option to buy it as well. I’m starting with my photos of cars, motorcycles and other interesting machinery. This will branch out into many other subjects.

I am currently using two main styles in my art/design/photography, Chrome and Visual MekaniX.

The Galleries

Chrome photography is stylized to emphasize the essences of the photograph. It’d take a gritty rat rod and make it extra gritty with attitude, or take a vintage motorcycle and emphasize the historic patina of the machine. Objects have attitude expressed in these photos.

Visual MekaniX photography is abstract realism via multiple exposure photography. These artworks are designed to trigger the part of the brain that likes figuring out puzzles. These are real objects distorted by overlapping that object on top of itself.

The Blogs:

See Art Blog – This will be the main focus of this site. See Art concentrates on inspiring designed elements of not just cars and motorcycles but anything that moves me to comment. Which could be antiques, clocks, architecture, jewelry, logos, advertising designs, etc. . .

The Ride –  I’m a motorcyclist. This won’t be a pure review blog, but just an opinion rant about motorcycling in general.

5 for Fiction–  This will be the space on this for my creative writing exercises which will be 500 words or less per installment. Which may or may not be connected in a serialized way(I love serialized fiction).

C-Art Studios DEFINED: C-Art Studios is a celebration of the art all around us, all the time.